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Clients of Voice-Directed Work and the experts who continue to perfect it have created a large body of knowledge having applied it in many hundreds of companies around the world over the past 25 years. 

Voice Technology Meets the eCommerce Distribution Challenge

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Completing the Journey to Voice and the Paperless Warehouse

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Making the Business Case for Voice-Directed Work

Discover the five ways companies uncover savings, and the underlying math for a robust ROI. 

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Five Cost-Effective Reasons to Optimize Your Distribution Center with Voice

Even if you don’t have a Warehouse Management System (WMS), your opportunity for fast ROI is real, and this paper walks through where DC executives uncover value.

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Using Voice-Directed Work in the Supply Chain

A quick summary of the history of voice, how it works, where it is applied, IT requirements, and three case studies summarizing the ROI. 

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Extending Vocollect Honeywell Voice to Multiple Applications in Your Distribution Center/Warehouse

Many start and stop with voice picking, not realizing there is ROI to be found by applying voice in receiving, put-away, transfers, line-loading, replenishment, and much more. 

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Enterprise Connectors for Vocollect Honeywell Voice®- Data Integration Implementation Options

IT is fast-paced, and most companies have more then one system to integrate.  Review the many ways voice can be integrated into your current IT environment, and how it is prepared to handle future enhancements.

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Honeywell’s Vocollect Solutions for SAP

We uniquely offer an optimized end-to-end, voice-enabled solution specifically designed to fully leverage existing SAP-centric environments. Our certified integration capability helps ease your effort to add Vocollect Voice to an existing SAP IM, WM or EWM environment.

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It Always Comes Down to People - Addressing the Human Side of the Equation to Ensure a Successful Voice Deployment

Voice-Directed Work® has been proven to significantly – and relatively quickly – boost productivity, accuracy, safety and job satisfaction in distribution centers (DC) and warehouses around the globe. But such results are most easily realized when organizations simultaneously plan for the people side of a voice deployment.

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Voice Order Selection and the Produce Traceability Initiative

The Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) is intended to allow traceability of produce at the case level from source to store. The PTI has adopted the “PTI voice pick code” to permit straightforward implementation of the PTI by warehouses using voice technology for order selection.

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Considerations for Selecting the Right Voice Technology

Voice technology involves uniting people, equipment and systems to increase accuracy, boost productivity and reduce operating costs. Since its introduction in the business world more than a decade ago, voice technology has proven itself in a wide variety of inventory-driven industries.

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