Voice-Directed Work Platform


Worker Performance

Respond in an infinite number of languages, dialects, accents, etc. thanks to patented speaker-dependent word based voice recognition (no need for anchor words)

Each worker can set speed, volume, pitch, male or female voice

Hear in 35+ languages

Works in the nosiest of distribution centers and manufacturing environments

Used around the world by more than 500,000+ workers each day


Vocollect Voice Software

Seamless integration options into WMS, ERP or basic order management systems (a WMS is not required)

SAP certified VoiceDirect option  

Telnet based VoiceExpress option

Robust VoiceLink middleware option provides value-add operational functionality and visibility

Web-based VoiceConsole Management software

Industry leading VoiceCatalyst thick-client device software

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Vocollect Voice Mobile Computing Appliances and Headsets

Purpose built for optimal voice performance

Integrated scanner end cap option

Made specifically for tough industrial environments - freezing, wet

Drop tested rugged

Works on existing 802.11 wireless networks

Industry-leading wireless headset has shareable electronics

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Multi-Modal Device and Integration Flexibility

Vocollect’s voice client software runs on the broadest set of multimodal devices in the industry

Integrates with wireless wearable scanners, mobile printers and RFID systems

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We weren’t just looking for an off the shelf solution, we wanted to actually partner with a firm that could help us with the customizations that would provide us with a best in class type of solution and we found that in Speech Interface Design.

Luigi Ferrari, Saputo