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    Voice Picking

    How voice-directed work’s most common application delivers meaningful bottom-line benefits

    Voice-directed case picking

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    Voice picking solutions are used by retail, distribution and manufacturing companies across a wide range of industries. They deliver increased  profitability by reducing distribution center operating costs while increasing customer service levels, and our value & ROI analysis will show how much you'll save.

    Unlike all other methodologies, a voice picking solution enables distribution center (DC) associates to work “hands-free and eyes-free” to execute their order picking assignments.This results in the four key benefits described below.

    Voice Picking delivers

    Increased/optimized productivity by eliminating wasted motions

    Voice picking eliminates all of the wasted motions a DC associate makes interacting with paper & pencil or the screen, keyboards and handle of an RF scanning device (electronic “paper & pencil”) when executing their picking assignment.

    As a result, companies that implement voice picking provided by Speech Interface Design typically realize productivity gains 10% to 30%+. (The voice system can be interfaced with an ergonomic scanner to efficiently capture bar coded data if the capture of that data is required as per the picking workflow.)

    Increased/optimized accuracy by eliminating distractions

    Voice picking eliminates the need for a DC associate to take their eyes away from their picking task to interact with paper or the screen, keyboard and handle of an RF scanning device (electronic paper & pencil) when executing their picking assignment.

    As a result of the increased focus of the associate, voice picking reduces errors by 15% to 85%. Companies using voice picking typically report accuracy rates of 99.9% without checking or auditing.

    Markedly improved in employee safety

    Voice picking systems enable associates to work with their head up and “eyes free”. Injuries that commonly result from traveling with their head down and eyes focused on a paper pick list or the screen and or keyboard of an RF scanning device are thereby eliminated.

    Because associates are also “hands free”, they are in no way compromised from picking, lifting and carrying items with proper technique.

    Dramatically reduced employee training times

    Voice picking systems provide with simple verbal instructions to associates and do not allow them to proceed if they provide an incorrect response. Voice is an natural form of human communication, so systems are intuitively easy learn for new and temporary employees.

    And, because Vocollect Voice systems provide universal commands like “say again” and “help”, associates become productive and confident in just hours or days versus days or weeks as required for other methodologies.

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    Watch How Seneca Medical Saves
    $1 Million Annually With Voice Picking

    Seneca Medical, a medical supply chain distributor, turned to a Vocollect voice picking solution provided by Speech Interface Design to reduce costs by improving order-picker productivity and eliminating auditors that were necessary to previously maintain high levels of accuracy.

    By switching from paper to voice, they are able to save $ 1 million annually with faster, more efficient and highly accurate picking with speech recognition technology. In some areas, they saw increases in productivity of over 50%.

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    Case Studies



    Productivity increased by 25%
    Accuracy at 99.9% with no auditing
    Annual operating costs reduced by $1 million
    Solution paid for itself in 6 months
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    Productivity increased by 22%
    Accuracy increased to 99.98%
    New employee training reduced from 2-3 weeks to 3 days
    Solution paid for itself in 7.5 months
    Learn more

    After moving from a paper-driven environment to a WMS with barcoding and RF scanning in 2009 - which won us ProSales Magazine’s 2011 Merit Award for Best Use of Technology by increasing productivity 34% while reducing errors by 75% - I began looking in 2013 for the next enhancement that would enable us to meet our commitment to continuous improvement. Vocollect’s VoiceLink solution provided by Speech-Interface Design was not only an obvious choice, it has far surpassed our expectations relative to its ability to return value to our organization by increasing productivity an additional 22.2% & increasing shipping accuracy to 99.92% which has differentiated us in the marketplace.

    Jim Coulter, Director of Logistics, Parksite

    Another came in before SID. Their system was simple and we liked it but once SID came in, we were sold on them because they explained everything in such technical detail

    Lou Andreozzi, Operations Manager, Claflin Company

    American Woodward.png

    SID’s technical expertise was impressive.

    Greg Weigel, American Woodmark Corporation

    Gregg Distributors LTD

    Our partnership with SID is a good working relationship. These are people that we can work with, that we can talk to. We get honest opinions from them on what to do

    Denis Desautels, Senior Vice President, Operations & I.T., Gregg Distributors LP

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