Voice and Mobility: Enabling the visible supply chain

Posted by Speech Interface Design

Visible Supply ChainVoice is truly an impact technology within the supply chain. It's features provide bottom line results and is the status quo within the grocery industry, where achieving the perfect order is mandatory. Best in class operations mandate corporate initiatives to run lean and effective, leveraging technology-such as voice solutions-to optimize their operations. With picking and replenishment accounting for 70% of operating costs within a distribution center, those areas continue to be a top priority for distribution professionals for optimization. Voice and mobile devices have emerged as two of the most valuable technology tools for supply chain operations and in doing so have fused yet one more link on the high growth “visible supply chain.”

Voice Picking TrendsRead an in-depth look from Logistic's Management at how voice and mobility are driving speed and efficiency inside today’s more automated, multi-functional distribution operations.

 Source : http://www.logisticsmgmt.com/article/voice_and_mobility_enabling_the_visible_supply_chain


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