GENCO Receives Logistic Quarterly's Best 3PL Sustainability Award

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Genco continues to be a true 3PL partner, supply chain and logistic leader to their customers and this award validates their efforts.

GENCO's Groundbreaking Vested Outsourcing Project with Major Computer Manufacturing Customer earns them logistics industry recognition.

Project achieved 50 percent reduction in scrap, 40 percent reduction in transformation costs, and a major reduction in on-hand inventory dollars.

In order to reach the mutual objectives of both companies, GENCO and its customer utilized a Vested Outsourcing approach that resulted in improved service, cost efficiencies and sustainability achievements, including:

-- A 50 percent reduction of manufacturing scrap

-- A 40 percent reduction in transformation costs to the customer

-- Improved packaging solutions by eliminating foam packaging and standardizing boxing

-- Improved efficiencies of operations

-- Improved quality of secondary products

-- Improved cycle time from receipt to sellable state

-- Improved recovery revenue for returned assets.

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