Every Second Counts - Technology Improves Profitability (Infographic)

Posted by Speech Interface Design

250 senior supply chain and distribution center managers were surveyed in North America and Europe, by Worker_with_SRX2_headsetresearch company Vanson Bourne, to discover current views on distribution center trends and challenges. Results show, 79% of managers are tasked to find cost savings within their existing operations, you know the old adage "do more with less"...

This infographic shows that managers understand that optimizing will make a difference.  If you are tasked with reducing costs, you should be investigating a voice-directed work solution.  Voice reduces costs by optimizing both productivity and accuracy.  Bonuses:  It dramatically reduces new worker training time and increases workforce satisfaction. 

Technology improves profitability infographic

Let Speech Interface Design help you quantify the value of cost savings and ROI that a voice-directed work solution would deliver to your operation.  



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