Be a Customer Satisfaction Champion-All Year with Voice Technology

Posted by Speech Interface Design


Even though customer demands for shorter delivery is always the #1 supply chain pain point - during the holiday season, the supply chain can't be fast enough. Consumers, myself included, won't settle for 2-day delivery and anxiously anticipate the email stating their package has shipped. Even though I work daily discussing how to better optimize the flow of goods through the distribution center with voice solutions and fully understand the pain points of shippers, I still want my items - now. When you're trying to manage in high season and goods aren't delivered on time or (even worse) incorrectly, the unhappy voice of the customer reasonates even louder. So, when things slow down and you reflect on the successes and the obstacles from 2013 - remember technology drives operational excellence. But not just technology for technology's sake, a real holistic thinking shift on how voice technology along with optimized processes can yield a much more efficient and effective distribution center.

Quite possibly you are already doing this, and need more data or are encountering barriers within your organization, even though voice is a mature technology more than 20 years old. To provide 3rd party support for voice solution champions, Supply Chain Insights LLC reports: The risk of implementation has dissipated—the technologies are more mature and the processes more refined—improving the time to value. Today, voice-directed warehousing is a compelling investment.

To help you dispel competing priorities or the misnomer that voice is hard to integrate with other systems, look to Speech Interface Design's partnership approach and let us see if and how voice technology can optimize your business processes. A brief discussion is the first step to gaining additional insight to truly determine if voice fits your specific distribution environment. Then, if agreed, we equip you with quantifiable time studies and process improvements which show how to equate voice technology into bottom line dollars - that is an initiative worth breaking barriers for and presenting with your budget request.

Read The Power of Voice, The Value Proposition of Voice-directed Warehousing, by Supply Chain Insights LLC for quantified industry metrics.





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