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adapt with voice picking

Is your distribution and fulfillment operation able to adapt to the changes that are increasingly common in today’s marketplace? The current retail landscape is more challenging and complex than ever, which means you need to consider new ways of doing things in order to keep up and get ahead.

While initiatives to reduce operational costs have long been a focus, so now are those associated with flexibility, while of course maintaining or increasing customer service levels. Such objectives are seldom met with incremental improvements. Rather, they demand game-changing solutions such as voice-directed picking.

Omnichannel Fulfillment

One of the ways your operation is now becoming more complex: omnichannel fulfillment is on the rise. According to a study by Aberdeen Group, direct end consumer fulfillment has increased by 45% in 2 years, and nearly two-thirds of distribution centers currently support omnichannel fulfillment. As a result, distribution centers now have to efficiently pick orders to fulfill both store replenishment and direct-to-customer ecommerce orders. With direct-to-customer orders demanding perfect accuracy, how can an operation keep up and lower costs at the same time? Voice picking solutionsdeliver industry leading accuracy while allowing order pickers to be up to 30% faster than with RF scanner devices.    

Cost Effective Scalability  

In today’s ever changing marketplace, the need for scalability in distribution center solutions has never been more pronounced. Solutions need to be capable of adjusting quickly to market driven demands and changes. Unlike infrastructure-intensive solutions like pick-to-light systems, voice picking solutions deliver quick and cost-effective scalability.   

3PL companies, in particular, understand this need. Standard contracts for 3PL providers are typically 2 to 5 years in length, so the solutions they deploy need to be both flexible and cost effective in the near term. This is why many 3PLs are now deploying voice picking.

Peak Season Execution

Very few retailers can meet their peak season fulfillment demand without the help of a significant number of temporary employees. A critical element of peak season execution is the training these new employees to be effective, efficient and self-sufficient. 

One of the big benefits any existing voice user will relate is dramatically reduced training times for new and temporary employees: from weeks or days to just hours. Because voice is easy to use and directs the worker so that they can be “hands free and eyes free” to execute and focus on their picking tasks, it is a game-changer in allowing retailers to execute better than ever before during their most important and challenging times of their year.   

Wondering how much game-changing value a voice picking solution would deliver to your operation as you work to adapt to the ever changing demands of today’s retail distribution center? Contact Speech Interface Design to schedule our complementary on-site “Industrial Engineering-strength” Value & ROI analysis.  

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