A New Wal-Mart Mandate Goes Into Effect

Posted by Speech Interface Design

As of Friday, November 1-super retailer WalMart's case labeling mandate for produce was put into effect. An excerpt from their "Dear Supplier" letter that was sent out reads: 

"Effective November 1, 2013, all fresh commodity produce delivered to a Wal-
Mart Distribution Center will be required to have standardized case labels,
consistent with the PTI standards. Wal-Mart and Sam’s receiving specifications will be
updated with a requirement for standard case label including GTIN, Lot/Batch#, Voice Pick
code and Pack or Sell-By Date…"

You can't escape the government or WalMart. So, what are vendors/suppliers to do? Turn this food supply chain traceability and visibility requirement into a positive initiative for your company. Look to leveraging technology tools that have a rapid ROI, like voice-directed solutions, to comply; it's easier to adopt and implement than ever. Now more than ever, the food supply chain industry can and needs to look at how to squeeze more profitability out of their distribution operations. 

Read what Forbes is saying:


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