Voice-Directed Order Picking – What You Need to Know

Posted by Speech Interface Design

Apr 9, 2018 9:51:00 AM

image001News & Events Article - MODEX 2018 Seminar 2018-06-08 16-47-05News & Events Article - MODEX 2018 Seminar 2018-06-08 16-47-46

ULTA’s Beauty’s Nick Kristin, Sr. Manager, Business Process Development and burton + BURTON’s Jimmy Newland, Director Information Services, presented their journeysfrom RF scanner- and paper-directed picking to voice-directed picking today in an Education On-Floor Seminar at MODEX.  

The seminar showed that voice delivers meaningful value and benefits to companies large and small in each / piece picking workflows, even when bar code scanning is incorporated within the voice-directed workflow for data capture purposes.  

You can watch and listen to the seminar here.